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Tree Service in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, FL, tree service by Machado's & Son Landscaping really defines a space and makes it look naturally lovely. Tree services also prevent damage from large branches that might fall during high winds. We prune and remove loose or unsightly parts of the tree for aesthetic and safety purposes. We also plant trees to create a specific kind of landscape or by request of the customer. Fruit trees enhance different areas of a lawn and produce edible products. Ask us about mulching around the bottom of trees.

Tree care is not always easy, and it is sometimes dangerous. Let our professionals take care of your tree problems and save yourself potential injury. We offer these tree services along with pruning:

  • Tree and stump removal
  • Insect and disease control
  • Tree fertilization

Using our Fort Myers, FL, tree service, we want to keep your trees healthy. Machado's & Son Landscaping has a lot of experience in this particular kind of landscaping, and we have the necessary tools and staff to do the job right. Call us today for more information or to schedule tree maintenance.